Roller Mill Belts

  • Special rubber compound for high frictional grip
  • Ribbed driving surface for maximum area of contact and reduced surface pressure
  • Fiberglass cord for high tensile strength, excellent flex life and high resistance to elongation
  • Polychloroprene rubber teeth for perfect bonding, protecting the cords from oil, grease, and moisture
  • Sprocket side of the timing belt has special woven nylon fabric which is chemically treated to reduce friction it is resistant to heat and abrasion, protecting the teeth from getting damaged



  • Belts offer advantages of both synchronous belt & Poly V-belt as the bottom of the belt is having transverse teeth which is responsible for positive engagement and top of the belt is having longitudinal ribs, responsible for non-synchronous frictional transmission.
  • Suitable for multi-shaft transmission with reversed rotary directions of the pulleys
  • Antistatic, oil and heat resistant
  • Noise-free transmission
  • High power transmission capacity


  • Flour and rice mill industries
  • Special purpose industrial machines
  • Also used in applications with positive engagement, multi-pulley drives with the requirement of transmitting higher power at great speed ratios


The entire range of Timing Belts with PK and PL poly belt profile can be provided