Linatex/Top Coating Timing belts

Coating Timing Belt opens up new segment of market in packaging industry and lighter material carrying application where power transmission is to be done with the help of timing

  • Belt with soft profile top rubber is used for conveying lighter & fragile materials where no scratches are desirable like in shampoo sachet making, wafer manufacturing industry and bottling plants.
  • Belt with regular profile top rubber is used in wire drawing &cable industries for giving support in take-up caterpillar &other similar operations in manufacturing industries.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -18°Cto +80°C
  • Product Range: Available in all Timing belt sections



  • Comprises of profile top rubber specific to application
  • Top profile provides excellent cushioning coupled with extra elasticity
  • Excellent flexibility, crack resistant
  • Premium friction material suitable for providing proper support to the contact material
  • Abrasion resistant • Profile thickness:1.5,3.0,4.0,6.0,8.0 & 10 mm
  • Color according to customer’s requirement