Metric Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts

XP series belts have the same description as the METRIC WRAPPED V-BELTS DIN 7753 SPZ – SPA – SPB and SPC, except they are raw edge cogged, for the rest they are identical. Due to the fact they are cogged the designation is slightly different. Basically, it is the same except for the S which is replaced by an X to indicate they are cogged. This means an SPZ becomes an XPZ, an SPA an XPA and so on.



  • Anti-static, Oil and Heat resistant
  • High power transmission capacity than wrap belts
  • Superior transverse stiffness& high wear resistance
  • Suitable for drives with small pulley diameters, high ambient temperature and speed
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +100°C


We manufacture the entire range of wedge belts. The nominal length for XP wedge belts is designated as pitch length (Lp) in millimeter