Metric Wrapped Wedge V-Belts

Metric Wrapped V-Belts allow more power per belt and therefore permit wedge belt drives. They are also matched, oil-heat resistant and static dissipating. As a general rule, the numbering system starts by SP letters, followed by the cross-section designations Z-A-B-C and numbers giving the pitch length. However, some belts will either identify the length by adding the following letters after the number, LA for outside circumference LI for inside circumference, or LW for pitch circumference.



  • Antistatic, Oil and Heat resistant
  • Top width to height ratio is 1.2:1
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +80 °C
  • Less deformation of the belt cross-section when in contact with the pulleys ensures better contact between the belt flanks and the pulley grooves


We manufacture the entire range of wedge belts. The nominal length for SP wedge belts is designated as pitch length (Lp) in millimeter.