Deep Wedge Wrapped V-Belts

Wrapped deep wedge V-Belts are manufactured according to specification RMA-IP 22 and also known as American Wedge Belts. Interchangeability between Narrow & Wedge belts. Acceptable agreement and exchangeability is found between 3V and SPZ as well as between 5V and SPB sections. It is possible to use 3V and 5V section belts in pulleys of SPZ and SPB sections respectively but corollary is not recommended as the top width of the RMA standard pulleys are smaller. Section 8V is however, larger than SPC. Profile SPC may in some cases be used in grooves intended for the 8V profile with some loss of power rating but the opposite is not recommended.



  • Temperature Range:-30°C to +80°C
  • Antistatic, Oil and Heat resistant
  • High power transmission capacity


These sections are standardized in USA and Canada therefore it is primarily used in machines exported to/from these countries. 8V section belts are used in heavy duty drives such as stone crushers.


The standard-length designation for Narrow belts is as follows: Belt number/10 = Outside length in inches. For example: 5V 950 means 950/10=95 inches outside length.