Cogged Banded V-Belts

Cogged banded belts are an excellent choice for virtually any application where increased horsepower capacity or output is needed. Or where conventional, single or multiple belt drives are impractical because of space or weight limitations. BINLONG banding process assures smoother, quieter operations. The specially compounded wrap construction is ideal for clutching operations. And it won’t turn over or jump off the drive.



  • Enhanced power transmission capacity
  • High adhesion strength between tie-band and the belts
  • Eliminates changes of mismatch in length
  • Antistatic, oil and heat resistant
  • Manufactured through single-stage curing process


Best suited for drives with severe vibrations, vertical shaft drives, V-flat drives, agricultural drives, stone crushers, heavy duty compressors, generator sets, cold forging machines and mining equipment.