Classical Raw Edge Cogged V-belt

Belts with cogs underside thereby reducing the bending resistance of the belts and allowing them to operate on pulleys with approximately 20% smaller diameters. The decreased bending resistance reduces mechanical efficiency and reduced working temperature. Heat dissipation is further improved by the larger area between the belt and the surrounding atmosphere and also by the air turbulence around the cogs during operation. These belts require a higher tension than the wrapped belts so as to exhibit higher power transmission capacity.



  • Antistatic, Oil and Heat resistant
  • Specialtop layer with fabric
  • Tough tensile member for greater strength
  • Chloroprene cushion rubber compound
  • Fiber filled chloroprene base compound
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +100°C



  • Drives with very small pulley diameters
  • High ambient temperatures
  • High belt speeds
  • High level of power transmission